University of Santo Tomas

University of Santo Tomas

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Tuition: PHP

Term: N/A

Metro Manila Ranking: 5

Overall Ranking: N/A

Programs Offered:
Undergraduate Degrees: Yes
Masters Degrees: Yes
Vocational and Technical Courses: No
Short Course or Certification Courses: No
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Basic Information

School starts: N/A
Religious Affiliation: N/A
Entrance Exam: N/A

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University of Santo Tomas

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Bachelors Degree

Bachelor of Elementary Education Bachelor of Physical Education Bachelor of Secondary Education BS in Early Childhood Education BS in Special Education BA in Economics BS in Accountancy Bachelor of Accounting Information Systems BS in Business Administration BS in Entrepreneurship BS in Applied Mathematics BS in Biochemistry BS in Biology BS in Chemistry BS in Microbiology BS in Clinical Pharmacy BS in Medical Technology BS in Nursing BS in Nutrition and Dietetics BS in Occupational Therapy BS in Pharmacy BS in Physical Therapy BS in Speech-Language Pathology BA in Interdisciplinary Studies BA in Political Science BA in Sociology BS in Psychology BS in Sports Science BA in History BA in Literature BA in Philosophy Bachelor of Philosophy (Classical) Bachelor of Music BS in Chemical Engineering BS in Civil Engineering BS in Electrical Engineering BS in Electronics Engineering BS in Industrial Engineering BS in Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Canon Law Bachelor of Sacred Theology BS in Hospitality Management BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management BS in Tourism Management BS in Travel Management Bachelor of Fine Arts BS in Interior Design BS in Management Accounting BA in Communication and Media Studies Bachelor of Library and Information Science BS in Architecture BS in Computer Science BS in Information Systems BS in Information Technology BA in English BS in Food Technology

Masters Degree

MA in Education MA major in Guidance and Counseling Master in Health Professions Education MS in Mathematics Education MA major in Economics MA major in Marketing Communication Master in Business Administration MS in Human Resource Management MS in Applied Physics MS in Biology MS in Biology Education MS in Chemistry MS in Chemistry Education MS in Microbiology MA major in Hospital Administration MA in Nursing MS in Occupational Therapy Master in Clinical Audiology Master in Health Professions Education Master in Pain Management MS in Medical Technology MS in Pharmacy MS in Physical Therapy MA major in Development Studies MA major in Political Science MA major in Psychology MA in Theology MA in Creative Writing MA major in History MA major in Literature MA major in Philosophy MA in Cultural Heritage Studies MA in Music MS in Chemical Engineering MS in Management Engineering MA in Theology major in Social Pastoral Communication Master of Fine Arts MA in Communication MA in Journalism MA major in Library and Information Science Master in Library and Information Science MS in Architecture Master of Laws MA major in Hospital Administration MA major in Public Administration MA major in English Language Studies MS in Food Science Doctor of Education PhD in Education major in Educational Management and Leadership PhD in Commerce PhD in Economics PhD in Human Resource Management PhD in Biology PhD in Chemistry PhD in Counseling Psychology Doctor of Medicine PhD in Pharmacy PhD in Political Science PhD in Psychology Doctor of Philosophy PhD in History PhD in Philosophy Doctor of Canon Law Doctor of Sacred Theology PhD in Theology Doctor of Civil Law PhD in Public Administration PhD in English Language Studies


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